Advanced Insights: 5 Manufacturing Analytics Best Practices for Today’s Enterprise

Nearly every factory machine and sensor sends out huge amounts of structured and unstructured data across the global enterprise – but is the information providing actionable business insight?

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Can you gather actionable intelligence from your factory automation systems? Smart manufacturers can, with an intuitive web interface providing secure, anywhere access.

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More data, or more intelligent use of data?

Quick Takeaway:

  • Today’s manufacturer contends with a flood of operational and shop floor data flowing from connected machines and systems.
  • Companies seeking a competitive advantage gain value when they harness this data into actionable insight for better decision making, and improved operations.
  • An advanced manufacturing analytics platform helps inform strategic planning, guides real-time operations and uncovers root causes of issues before they become bigger problems.
  • This timely paper provides five best practices for a clear and simple path to unlocking the insight and value in a company’s “big data” store of operational transactions.

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When used effectively, an advanced manufacturing analytics platform helps collect and analyze meaningful manufacturing data, provides a way to visualize the data in context, and give access to the right people at the right time.

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