Webinar: Transforming Chemicals Production with Plant Data

Sight Machine and Microsoft Webinar Replay

Chemicals manufacturers typically produce a flood of production data, but just a trickle of insight.

Sight Machine and Microsoft can help you get the most out of your production data to improve profitability, productivity and sustainability.

By making OT and plant data continuously useful for all stakeholders, leading chemicals companies - including oil & gas, food and beverage, pharma and more - are turning actionable insights into enhanced production.

And it begins with a common Data Foundation for operations and analysis.

Join us for critical market insights and real success stories, highlighting:

  • How a single, dynamically updating view of production empowers you to address key production challenges
  • Data powered capabilities for creating more agile and resilient factories - improving asset reliability, process management, sustainability and more
  • Best practices to capture value in weeks and scale impact enterprise-wide


Executive Presenters


Hussain Mahmoud
General Manager Customer Success, US Manufacturing Sector


Jon Sobel
CEO and Co-Founder


Matt Smith
SVP Digital Transformation





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